Contract Services Server and Web Design

Attention: We strongly recommend this complete text and read to the end of the tasks of the “host” and was informed of your rights. Use of the service constitutes acceptance of rules, regulations and conditions of your service and the right to protest is denied.

So, Please Read Patiently.

The Identity of the Parties

In the Name of God

The contract on … / … / … among us now “Yours Host” ( Phone: +98(21)22050623 and Support Phone: +98(936)3500731 Email: support @ yours-host. com hereinafter called in this contract by Mr / Ms …………………….. the following Address:. ……………………………………………………….. Phone: ………………. Cellphone: ………………. Email: …………………………………… National Code ………………. that it was the employer is called, in accordance with the terms and conditions listed below is signed be.

Attention: representative nominated by the employer, are deemed authorized only with the approval and introduction of a stamp and signed by them and is reliable.

Article 1: Subject

Web and Internet services after a feasibility study was carried out to address the ………………………………… includes the hosting, graphic design, art workshops, design fittings, home page design, and coding Web pages.

Article 2: Detailed Description of the Subject and Timing

  • Services Server
Row Description Services Time Amount Price (Euro)
1 Domain Register (after recording can not be changed) Yes One Year —– —–
2 Domain Transfer Yes One Year —– —–
3 Linux Hosting Space Yes One Year —– —–
4 Email Control Panel Yes One Year —– —–
5 Host Control Panel Yes One Year —– —–
6 Technical Support Yes One Year —– First Year Free
Total: …………………………………………… Euro. ********************************** 000/000/000


  • Web Design Services
Row Description of Services Design Services Description
1 Implementation Site Yes Standard programming by day
2 Graphic Design Yes Exclusive with paging
3 Configuration and connections Pages Yes Multilayer
4 Programming languages Yes PHP, CSS, HTML
5 CMS content insertion control panel Yes English
6 Multilanguage Conditional If you order and pay the relevant fee
7 Site Menu Yes About Us, Contact Us, News, Articles and…
8 Developer Support Yes Of the contract for one year
Total: …………………………………………… Euro. ********************************** 000/000/000


Total amount Server and Web Design + 9% VAT
Total: …………………………………………… Euro. ********************************** 000/000/000

Article 3: Payment Terms

  • 50% payment when the contract is received.
  • 50% of the amount received at the time of final delivery.

The contractor will provide receipts to the employer in exchange for each installment and obviously a claim outside the rules will not be ignored.

Article 4: Project Implementation Schedule

  • Run the Project Schedule


Service Description

Predict the Approximate Duration (days)


Domain Registration, Hosting and Basic Settings



Graphics design (logo design is the responsibility of the employer)






Collect information and content (the employer’s)



Edit and adjust content (the employer’s)



Initial Data Entry (Test)



Upload Site



Security and Penetration Testing



Possible Bug Fixes



The primary standard optimization (SEO)



Delivery of the first phase



The main data entry and final



Training using the control panel and insert content to the client site



Final Delivery


Article 5: Obligations of the Contractor

  • In the event of technical difficulties or delays in server your contractor is required to follow in order to fix the problem server.
  • If there is a fault on the existence of possible bugs in the programming site and the employer or visitors are not caused by the contractor within one year from the date of commencement of the contract is obliged to fix it for free.
  • The contractor shall undertake, upon receipt of the information requested and the amount indicated in the timetable, the contract for a maximum period mentioned in the contract are delivered to the client.
  • The contractor is committed, the output of the site at the time of final delivery, in common browsers and standards are displayed correctly and only the two most recent versions provided for each browser, is evaluated.
  • The contractor shall undertake all the information as confidential information by the employer to the contractor puts the confidential and the duty to safeguard and protect the information given and may not transferable.
  • The contractor shall undertake all necessary training on the Control Panel during a two-hour sessions provide the employer or the employer’s representative. Obviously, if a need for more training by the employer, a two-hour training session costs 25 Euro will be paid separately to the contractor.
  • The contractor shall undertake username, password and website management training in the use of the full amount of the contract only after liquidation of the employer or the employer’s representative shall be introduced in writing.
  • The Contractor shall provide security and support for (365/7/24) of hardware and server software is in accordance with existing standards.
  • The contractor shall undertake the domain name, provided that the employer has chosen not to conflict with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran for free on the Internet, register.
  • The contractor shall undertake real and legal owners registered domain employer and the employer in writing whenever they want, put them in possession of the necessary information.
  • The contractor is committed, after the final delivery site, if required by the employer to add more pages and services of the provisions in this contract, and a written request, services carried out by calculating a separate fee.

Article 6: Obligations of the Employer

  • The employer shall undertake all necessary investigations and advice from other reliable sources of data and information from all the action is to service requests and henceforth no source of natural and legal advice in this project does not enter, otherwise, the contractor has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract and stop the project and 50% to win the recording contract and the employer does not provide any information.
  • The employer shall undertake all the required information to the contractor shall design. Obviously, in the absence of timely delivery and accurate images required in the design of the contractor, no responsible for the timely delivery of the contract period the contractor will not be listed.
  • The employer shall undertake on behalf of one. Furthermore, the range and in consultation with focus and has since then domain registration and payment is by no means possible to cancel and change the letters and words there please carefully select and register, otherwise it will have to pay a separate fee to register your domain other.
  • The employer shall undertake any right of ownership or copying of designs, ideas disclaims programming codes by the contractor and will not have any claim to it.
  • If, after the final delivery site has been approved by the employer, the employer may request changes required to pay related to the changes that are announced by the contractor.
  • The employer shall undertake all items listed in Article 3 to deliver contractor, otherwise the contractor can work without prior notice at any stage stop.
  • The employer is obliged to protect all security information Web site by the contractor received the required resources. If the username and password in any way to the non-adhered web site contractor assumes responsibility in this regard.
  • The employer shall undertake their nominated representative employer or directly with the contractor, partner and are solely those of the person named as employer or his representative, criteria and are accepted by the contractor.
  • The employer shall undertake the design and implementation of the right contractor for your work in a way which does not damage the original plan and sign in the appropriate place. The application site address, phone or other information required by the contractor in addition to the approval of the Company in the context of the contract will be signed.
  • The employer is obliged to pay in dollars and euros due to the contractor for domain registration and hosting If after the conclusion of the contract, for any reason terminate the contract, the contractor will be required to pay 50% of the total contract amount, since payments to foreign party to any irrevocable or not return.
  • The employer is obliged to protect the login information to the site, Admin Panel, e-mail, etc., are the responsibility of the employer, if offered this information to others (in any way, such as: non-compliance with safety tips, the use of shared computers etc.) and possible problems, the contractor will be responsible in this regard.
  • The employer shall undertake to transfer or delegate part or all of the contract or to persons other companies, under any of the natural or legal titles not and in so doing inform the contractor as soon as they closed all access to the final determination of the Web Viewer can be prevented. Obviously, the kidney damage caused directly by the employer will be entitled to disclaims any objections.
  • The employer shall undertake, on the website any content contrary to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran If you do not and you take the responsibility for themselves.
  • If for any reason an employer is obliged to be confronted Web filtering, due to the problems that arise for the server, the contractor will have the right to remove all the contents of the Web site and can drain the hosting space, and in this case the employer is entitled there is no objection.
  • The employer shall undertake all rights reserved programming codes used in the site owned by contractor and the employer is entitled to release them to code or change in the structure of disclaims whole or in part.
  • The employer shall undertake to provide the domain name of your choice with any of the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not conflict.
  • If the employer is committed to having a domain, DNS domain or domains on the server regulate the contractor.

Article 7: Of the General Conditions of the Parties

  • Domain and hosting space after the expiration date will be automatically out of reach, It should be noted for renewal, the employer must pay at least one month before the date mentioned in the fully extended. Obviously, the employer will be notified within the specified time periods and non-payment of the above amount, after the completion date of the closing of the site of the service provider’s server and all related follow-up is extended and amplitude directly by the employer.
  • Damage caused by non-payment or delay in payment of the renewal, the employer and contractor support services and bug fixes is annulled.
  • Web site redesign cost no need for the coming years, except in special cases where the employer wants to impose changes in the appearance or shape services.
  • Your employer can directly manage site content however, if the employer’s desire to enter data and site management tasks outside of the commitment by the contractor in this contract, should be entrusted to the contractor under a separate contract to provide Web Content Management. It is essential to note that all services related to data entry on the website only on weekdays (Monday to Wednesday) takes place every week and on holidays and occasions including services offered.
  • After the final delivery of the project, responsible for all information in a responsible employer and contractor owned site.
  • After signing the agreement, all correspondence and communicate via email only provided the parties to the contract or via the Submit Ticket is possible and to any correspondence and negotiations outside this definition, not be cited or given effect so fully and personally email address that you check mail.
  • Residence of each of the parties as set forth in the introduction of this contract is sent. Each of the parties are required if you change your residence, it will notify the other party in writing. Otherwise excuse a lack of knowledge of the content of announcements, correspondence or warning, is not defensible.
  • Employers can request support on an annual basis, or more than one year has and the costs of providing services to benefit Special Deals and the agreements and contracts is required.
  • Create new pages or adding new services on the site is done by agreement of the parties, and the service is not supported.
  • If the employer is a natural person and has no official seal, should benefit from the fingerprint as verification of the signature is attributable to the time difference.
  • Stamp and sign all pages of this contract is mandatory for the employer and the contractor is required and no stamp and signature page will not be reliable.
  • Items that will not be the contractor for carrying out the obligations and contracts need to order them separately and include: (Advice and internet marketing training internet connection, computer repair, problems with computer hardware and software and workmanship, SEO professionals to increase Google rankings and ratings, attracting traffic, customer acquisition, change the functionality of the site after final confirmation of training in the use of the site after training when the final delivery), and anything else that is outside the scope of this contract.
  • If you require special authorization received from the relevant authorities, the responsibility of the employer.

Article 8: Of the Special Conditions

In cases of force majeure and in accordance with the definitions PBO emergencies such as war, general strike, spread of epidemics, earthquakes, floods and outbreaks of unusual, unprecedented drought and widespread wildfires, storms and similar events have in any way caused by service centers and related infrastructure are internet service providers (damage to communication satellites), problems with communication lines, new rules limiting domestic or foreign, state guidelines as well as international sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran that the contractor has no practical authority in case it does, no liability will be the contractor and the employer accepts by signing this contract and any claim it is not in this regard.

Article 9: Settlement of Disputes

If any dispute arises between the parties, if the agreement was reached in negotiations, High Council of Informatics is provided for reference Dispute but if the Supreme Council of Informatics legally not competent to investigate the cause of the dispute, the case will be followed by the judicial authorities.

Article 10: Extension and Termination

  • If div parties, the contract can be extended.
  • On the termination of the contract without valid reason is not possible either Party.
  • If either party wishes to terminate the contract, it must notify the other party in writing as to the reason.

Article 11: Versions Contract

Eleven of the contract in accordance with Articles 10 and 190 of the Civil Code and the two versions and was developed without crossing each version is a single sentence. All of it with careful study and full consent of the parties Drkmal and without coercion and compulsion, stamped, signed and exchanged.


Contractor Representative                                              Employer Representative

Name – stamp and signature                                               Name – stamp and signature

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