What is Domain?

Domain is a unique name for recognizing a web site in the virtual world. Actually domain is the name of your web site. Every domain is made from one or many parts and each part is separated by (.). Take the website of “Yours Host” company as an example (www.Yours-Host.com). In this web site “www” is called sub domain and “Yours-Host.com” as domain. Every domain has a suffix, and this suffix is usually chosen by your field activity. Here are some of the famous suffix .info, .biz, .ir, .org, .net, .com, etc.

Domain Registration

Every individual person can have a domain in internet. The first step to be present in the World Wide Web is to provide and assign a host space in internet.  This step has its own sensitivity. When the name of the domain is related with your activity, can be memorized easily and the visitor can easily facilitate your website, so you have to take pay attention on choosing your domain name, for example “Yours-Host.com” is a domain which is shown in internet as (http://www.Yours-Host.com).

Legal characters for choosing a domain

  • Legal characters are as: a to z alphabets, 0 to 9 numbers and underline (_), point to be noted capital and small letters don’t make any different.
  • Domain names can’t be started by (_).
  • Domain names should have at least 3 characters.

The application of suffix of domains

  • (.com) is the most useable and the most famous suffix for the domains which is the short form of commercial which is the meaning of trading, of course this suffix is used in many websites for every purpose.
  • (.net) is the short form and meaning of network and is used by the companies which give the service of internet and communicating networks.
  • (.org) is the short form and meaning of organization or organizing and is usually by the non government organizations which are having trading or even non trading activities.
  • (.info) the short form of “information” which is the meaning of giving information and is used in websites which are somehow giving notification in every field, many types of information in the field of science, introducing items, introducing services and etc are using this suffix.
  • (.gov) is the short form and meaning of government and this suffix is used by the government organization.
  • (.edu) is the short form of education and means educating students and is used by the training parts.
  • (.biz) is the short form and meaning of business which is especially for the services of electric business.
  • (.web) is for the site which is for web only.
  • (.name) This is the first extension type that is specific and created for individuals (natural persons). In fact, all people who want to own Personal Website for any purpose can use this suffix.
  • (.int) is short term for international. International shows Internet domain for international organizations.
  • (.ac) is suffix for Ascension Islands domain. On other side it is even used to provide services for the office computers, the Internet, without any relative they can hire new recruits.
  • (.ws) is the suffix for Western Samoa country but for being same to the short form of website is has captured attention of many and it contains any websites.
  • (.tv) this suffix is for Tuvalu country but being same to the short form of television it has took attention of television and satellite channels and for this reason it is used.
  • (.travel) this suffix is specially made for travelling companies and organizations.
  • (.mobi) this domain is for selling and giving mobile services.
  • Some countries domain: (.Iran, .ir) Islamic Republic of Iran, (.de) Germany, (.fr) France, (.nl) Netherland, (.pl) Poland, (.it) Italy, (.es) Spain, (.cz) Republic of Check, (.us) America, (.tr) Turkey, (.ae) United Arab Emirates, (.ru) Russia, (.uk) England.

Registering Domain Centers

Netherland Company (Resello): with many years’ experience of presenting service, is one of the registering center and is accepted by ICANN.  Resello is one of the most famous center of registering domain between Iranians, and it has 1100 direct panel for Iranian internet user.

“Yours Host” (www.Yours-Host.com) is one of the partner of Resello company and it gives service and registering regular domains through this service.

IRNIC (Nic.ir): is the main center of sustaining first grade domain, and is under the institute of Management Foundation.

“Yours Host” (www.Yours-Host.com) is one of the branch of ir.nic, and all services of registering, extension, and transferring the domains of dot-ir (.ir) has been representing under this center.

How can we register our domain?

For ordering domain registration, first you have to search for your domain, and then go through the site instruction which helps you to know how to register. Finally you can pay online with ATM cards.

Registering domain with the owner’s name and having 100% right

All the domains registered in “Yours Host” will be totally registered with the owner’s name and there will be not any sign of yours host name.

“Yours Host” (www.Yours-Host.com) is one of the least registering domains in iran which gives 100% of the ownership to the user, user can transfer the domain from yours host at any time they wanted, and they don’t need to ask for being separated because, they are the 100% owner of the domain, unfortunately many companies don’t give 100% of the ownership to the user and in future they may face problem due to this matter.

Giving free facilities

  • DNS management
  • Domain locking while registering the domain for preventing from stealing
  • ID protection for hiding the identity of the user and showing the unreal identity of t user for preventing the disturbance or price abuse
  • The price is right

Notification before the expiry date range

Yours host will show the expiration notification from days before the expiration so you would not be worried of the expiring date. If for any reason you cannot extend your domain for 60 days after the expiration, your domain will remain in reservation situation and you can again extend it and have your domain again, this is done by paying the foreign company the delayed payment.

Full automatic system and instant delivery

All the system of your host is automatic without the interference of any third person, and after the payment your domain will be at once yours and it will be registered if at filling the form there was no any problem.

To be sure of this, when ordering choose internet payment and be sure after the payment at the same time your host has been created and send to you.

Dedicated Control Panel

All domain names registered in the “Yours Host” are a dedicated in control panel and the user can make all required operations without the need of “Yours Host”. For your convenience these cases the user is available for you but you need to get your main control panel to tell us your requests via ticket support.

Domain Transfer

Now you have registered a domain in a company or you want to transfer all the domain which you have registered in a company in one control panel, you can do this through “Yours Host” (www.Yours-Host.com).

Terms and transition of domain from one registrar to another registrar

According to the ICANN law:

  • At least 60 from registering or transition of domain from a company should have been past.
  • At least one day should be left till expiration date.
  • The specified domain must be unlocked. If your domain is not unlocking contact the present registered company.
  • Receive the authorization code from present registered company.
  • Now you can contact the domain department “Yours Host” (www.Yours-Host.com) so they will take step for your domain transition.
  • Then “Yours Host” will send your request for registrar, your registrar will send a OK letter in your administrator domain email.
  • Now you must take step due to the instructions given in the letter.

Reserving Domain

By using from the service of reserving domain (back order) the possibility of reserving domain’s name which is registered by others, till this name is expired ,before the domain name is set free it will be registered by him/her.

  • The payment of each domain service is 50 Euro. (This payment is for one year Extension (
  • The suffixes for “Yours Host” are: – .com, .net, .info, .co, .biz, .us.
  • If your domain is reserved by other person (which has reserved by other companies) after being free it will be kept in auction and sell by the highest price.
  • If for any reason your domain will not be registered, all your payment will be given back
  • Unfortunately this service is made in such a type so you cannot give guarantee after the domain which you have just send and it may be possible the domain will be given to another person in the agreement of registrar.
  • You can dissuade the agreement you have or even you can change the domain name at every time you want.

Domain Auction

The domain market is new and many people want to enter this new market but it is possible the selected name by them is in use by another person. “Yours Host” (www.Yours-Host.com) has a special offer for this type of customers. There is a list of beautiful names presented by the owners of the site in the part of the sales, and are kept safe in “Yours Host” (www.Yours-Host.com).

Supports 365/7/24

The hosting service “Yours Host” has a strong backing team which gives service during office time or backing portal or holiday days from backing portal.

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