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Here are the answers to the most common questions, if you do not find your answer to your queries, please contact support services.

01 – How support system works and responds to the tickets?

Supporting is online service which works 24×7 and just by sending a ticket during working days. Besides, you can also use our telephone support service.

02 - Is it possible to cancel the service and refund after purchasing?

Yes, in case of dissatisfaction with our hosting services you can cancel up to 7 days of purchase according to the terms of services.

03 - Will your refund fee be deductible?

Yes, 20% of service and initial setup fee will be charged.

04 – Where are the Web Hosting Servers Services located?

“Yours Host” server is located in the most powerful data centers, in Europe and Germany.

05 - My computer's operating system is Windows. Is there any problem to use Linux host?

No, there is no problem and it’s entirely irrelevant. You can use Linux host with any operating system.

06 - Can Web Hosting Services be upgraded after purchasing?

Yes, this feature is provided online and you only have to pay the difference in price plans according to the service you need to change.

07 - What does uploading files mean?

The operation of transferring files from your computer to the server.

08 - In what areas you have to upload your files?

Supporting is online service which works 24×7 and just by sending a ticket during working days. Besides, you can also use our telephone support service.

09 - Is it possible to increase the number of sub-domains, databases etc?

Yes, to promote Web Hosting Services through the purchase of other hosting plans and according to the difference of payment, all the facilities will automatically increase.

10 – Is it possible to transfer the contents of the site while moving from one server to your server?

Yes, of course, it depends on the control panel of the current server and its operating system, but in any case, the authorities finally work together to support mobility without any trouble with you. However, it’s also possible to cost you.

11 - What is the purpose of ODBC?

The creation of a connection between the site and the database. If the database is used; you can establish the connection online.

12 - What is the purpose of URL Forwarding?

To directly transfer your website to another URL address, for example, if the address is entered, this address will automatically be transferred to

13 - Why would the changes done on the site not display in the browser?

Sometimes, it happens that, despite changes in codes, photos and content doesn’t change and display the previous content on the web browser. More than 99% of the problem occurs because of active cache is your Internet service provider (ISP).

Some use ISP for various reasons, including less use of bandwidth and greater profits. By doing so, some pages and files stored on the server of the ISP. An internet server stores some pages and files on the server of the ISP too. Each of the subscribers of the ISP wants to open the page, photos etc, if that page or image has already been stored, so the stored version will be displayed. The stored saved files may be displayed in a few days. Ordinary users may not feel it, but you certainly will and it’s a big problem for a site administrator.

To fix this problem you must simultaneously press Shift + F5 keys to update your entire online storage center.

14 - What does Statistics mean?

Statistics and Status of the site according to traffic mean that the visitors and their specifications, status of online users on the site, visited pages, duration of visit per page, and the statistics on hourly, daily, monthly and annual reports will be given. Your web host is the Linux and you can see through the Control Panel.

15 - What is the purpose of the FTP Account?

For transferring files from a computer to the server, at least one FTP account, you will need to communicate. If you have more than one site operators, so for each, an FTP account can be created and allow independent access to directories or files with the ability to read, write etc.

16 - Will "Yours host" introduce their subscribers to search engines?

Yes, this is done automatically by the system and depending on the search engines which might take time up to 7 to 60 days.

17 – Will "Yours Host" ensure for not losing information from my site such as files or database?

No, in fact, no company can guarantee for losing information, but ” Yours Host ” have prepared many different ways to prevent losing sites information, databases, e-mails and use different ways for taking backups for minimizing the possibility of losing data is literally.

18 - If the password of Web Hosting management is lost, so how can it be revived?

For this purpose, they must first contact the web hosting support, and then write a ticket asking to change the passwords. Obviously, all the changes will be sent only to the registered email hosting service.

19 - What is the difference between the prices of different companies?

Every Company policy is different. Our prices depend according to the quality of services, support and the access availability of servers has been set.

01 - What is Domain?

The domain is a name of your website, when anyone types this name in its browser, they can see the contents of your website. Since on the Internet all servers and sites are addressed with IP, so for accessing easily and for remembering web address domain is used.

02 - To select the appropriate domain, what criteria should be considered?

  • Appropriate type of Extension to the type of your website and work activity.
  • If possible, make it short.
  • Make it pronounceable.

03 - In selecting the domain, what type of characters can be used?

  • Characters include as follows: letters from a to z, numbers 0 to 9 and hyphen (-).
  • The domain name should not have dash (-) at the start or end.
  • Alphabet case makes no difference.

04 - In selecting the domain, what extensions can be use?

There are a lot of different extensions to choose, it depends on your usage. The most important and most widely used domain suffixes are explained in detail on this page.

05 - Can I register my domain forever?

No, the range for registration is from 1 to 10 years, while you can re-apply for an extension before the end of the registration period.

06 - Can I change the owner profile domain after registration?

Yes, you can change the ownership profile any time you want.

07 - Can we change the DNS of a server?

Yes, at any time you wish, you can change your domain DNS server.

08 - What are the conditions of registration different ir domains?

  • Domain (.ir): No conditions, to all natural and legal persons residing in Iran are free.
  • Domain ( It’s required to send copies of the Official Gazette and ad of the company’s established via fax or email.
  • Domain (.ir): Send a copy of the request requires a written approval of the Ministry of Sciences via fax or email.
  • Domain (.ir): Required to send a copy of the written request on letterhead to ministry of education via fax or email.
  • Domain (.ir): Required to send copies of the relevant government agency request written on the letterhead via fax or email.
  • Domain (.ir): Required to send copies of the relevant ISP license via fax or email.
  • Domain (.ir): Required to send copies of the official newspaper of the nonprofit via fax or email.
  • Domain ( Send a copy of birth certificate requires the applicant via fax or email.

09 - Is there any difference in the transferring of the domain and web hosting?

Yes, the way of transferring is completely different. In transferring your domain, you only change the IP address through DNS, but in transferring the host all web-based files, emails, and databases to the web host must be transferred.

10 - What information do I need to transfer a domain?

When you plan to transfer your domain from one place to another (for example from one company to another), it is better:

  • You must know the registrar name of each party to the origin (transferor) and destination (transferor).
  • If both registers are identical, it may be possible to transfer without charge.
  • You will need your EPP code for transferring a domain.

11 – From where should I know the name of the registrar of the transmitter?

In the Whois field, enter your domain name and after the Domain Name row, on the Registrar line, the name of your domain registrar will be displayed.

12 – From where do I know Name of Registrar (Transferor) of a domain?

Ask the person or company you intend to transfer your domain to.

13 - Does each time transferring a domain from one company to another with one year of renewal is compulsory?

Yes, but this extension will be added for the duration of one year of your domain.

14 - When I transfer my domain, should I have to transfer web hosting also?

No, it’s not necessary.

15 – While I have not renewed my domain, so can I register and verify it immediately after the expiration date?

Yes, this right is reserved for you for 60 days, so that you can renew it, but till that time your site will not be shown.

16 - Is it possible to return the registration or renewal fee after registration or renewal?

No, because it’s impossible to cancel the registration or renewal.

17 - Is it possible to register the domain only, without a host?

Yes, you can only register the domain for yourself; actually, you just reserve it.

18 - Who is the main owner of the domain?

The person whose name and profile is registered in the Registrant in Domain Register is the dominant owner of the domain. However, the Administrator interface is a personal Administrator that is legally responsible for executing and domain decision making. The email address in this section is the legal correspondent for all correspondence related to the virtual domain name of the domain. And you can use this address to transfer the domain to other Registrants. Authorized Domain Registration Centers will principally accept commands from this address (but after symmetric control) as owner orders for any changes.

19 - Are there any conditions that the holder of the domain must commit?

Yes, the ICANN Committee has set special conditions for public domains that the domain registrar or his lawyer is required to accept at the time of signing the contract, which is generally related to the lack of use of credible trade names in the domains. Also, all registration centers in their contracts with clients and dealers have clauses that penalize those who violate their local laws. The competent courts around the world can also handle special cases. Full details of the rules change can be found at However, before registering for a domain, it’s best to study the terms and get informed of the

provisions, because the lack of knowledge of the circumstances is unacceptable when considering a suit by the competent court.

20 - Despite the registration of the requested name, the registrant refuses to accept the application for registration of the general domain, what is the reason?

Although the registration of public domain is open to anyone through authorized centers and with payment of registration with any nationality, different registrants may define a specific geographical or specific age limit for themselves. This may be affected by laws, sanctions or even trade policies.

21 - Is it possible to change the domain name after domain registration?

No, it’s not possible to change the domain name in any company after the domain registration, and the user must re-select the domain name again and pay for it.

22 - What is sub domain?

A Sub domain is a subset of the original domain. For example, is a sub domain. For building a sub domain in the Web Hosting control panel, apply from the Sub domain section.

23 - Is sub domain provided with domain?

No, the provision of the sub-domain service is provided with web hosting, and the number of its creation varies in different plans are different.

24. What happens if the domain date expires?

Domains will be initially suspended in the event of non-renewal within the deadline, in this situation the domain may be deactivated and the transfer is prevented. During this period, depending on the rules of the Registrars, it may take from one day to one month, the renewal fee is re-activated at any time, and otherwise, the domain will enter the next stage, the recovery phase. At this stage, it is possible to renew only with the payment of fines (about ten times the amount of registration fee), and during the administrative process, it is still possible to register again. In the event of non-renewal after a specific time period that differs from each domain extension, the scope is deleted and publicly re-registered.

25 - Can I change the domain lock through management access?

Yes, it is possible through domain control panel.

26 - How can I change my domain DNS?

To do this you need to access the Domain Control Panel.

  • To change the DNS of Iranian domains, such as .ir, the domain control panel is the same as In the domain control panel, go to my domain section, and change the DNS through DNS column in the domain row.
  • To change the DNS of the international domains, such as .com, .net, and .org and … Go to your domain control panel in the registrar, go to the section of domain list and click on the domain name you want. On the page that opens, you can see domain’s dns and change it.

Note: After changing the DNS, it sometimes takes 1 to 72 hours to identify new DNSs across the internet.

27 - What is IRNIC?

You must create an IRN identifier to register the IR domain. To do this, you must login to and enter the requested information. After you complete the IRNIC information, ID will be given to you.

28 - What is the text of the commitment letter to the foundation for basic science?

I …………………………… to the identification number ……………… and the national code ………………… have a user ID ………………………. All responsibilities related to domain …………………………. I accept my commitment and attach the national card.

29. What does clearing a domain means?

This means that you clear a domain on the main domain so that by entering new domain the previous domain will open.

30 - What is a Domain Alias?

Domain Alias is the sub domain of your site; you can actually select and register another name than your primary domain name.

31 - I want to use my own domain and use your web hosting, should I transfer my domain to you?

No, you just need to set up our DNS on your domain.

32 - What is the relationship between domains with web hosting?

The Domain is the name you choose for your site, and web hosting is the service that serves your domain, such as allocating space, email and…

33. Can I place different domains on a purchased web hosting service?

Of course, all depends on your chosen web hosting plan.

34 - I've registered a domain suffix but it's still under investigation, what’s the problem?

After the final registration and payment if you are not approved by this organization, and the status is “Reserved (request: pending verification of the payment)”.  Maybe documents are requested from you to register it, refer to your e-mail, and send them a copy of the document if it is sent to you by the organization.

01 - What is web hosting?

The web host is referred to a server hosting websites and web pages. Web Hosting is referred to Host and Hosting, and among Persian speakers, words like “Web hosting”, “Hosting” or “Hosts” are also used.

02 - What is web hosting?

Web hosting means that you can put your website design pages in the space on Internet. You can upload or upload your files, view statistics for your site and manage any small sections on the site or emails under your domain.

03 - What is bandwidth?

The amount of information exchanged (upload and download) between your hosting server and your site visitors. For example, if you have 4 photos on your home page, each photo is of 10 kB, and your page is for 5 kB, when a user visits your site, 45 kB of bandwidth has used.

04 - What is monthly traffic?

The amount of permissible volume of receiving and sending information during a month (30 days).

05 - Is there a possibility to upgrade services from a plan for other services?

Yes, you will able to upgrade your web hosting at any time, and take advantage of more features by paying a different price.

06 – How much volume space purchased belongs to which service?

All contents of the site, including web pages, databases, emails, software applications, logos, etc. that are directly related to your website, fall within the scope of your host space, and as each of these items increases, less space will be available for other services.

07 - What happens, when the monthly bandwidth allocated to the full site is consumed?

This issue will be informed to you about increasing the bandwidth of your site and increasing the ceiling for this month by paying for the surplus traffic.

08 – Would each user have a separate control panel to manage their website?

Yes, for each customer all services have independent web hosting management control panel.

09 - What is the web hosting management software used on server of "yours host"?

The control panel used by our Linux servers is DirectAdmin, where various sections are described in the learning section.

10 - Can I install a different domain on a purchased space?

Yes, you can use a multi-domain service on a host depending on the type of service you chose to host your web hosting.

11 - From where can you find out how much web hosting space has been used?

By accessing the web hosting control panel you can access this information.

12 - Which good features should have a web hosting?

  • It should have high speed.
  • International standards are respected.
  • It should have high security.
  • The technical support team should be active, experienced and always ready.

13 - What do "domain numbers" mean in web hosting plans?

The maximum number of domains that can be hosted by that service and this does not mean domain registration.

14 - If my web hosting service has more than one domain name, can I assign my domain to myself?

Yes, you can do this from within your web hosting control panel.

15 - Will "Yours Host" notify me when the web hosting service expires?

Yes, “Yours Host” will inform you in the last month of web hosting date, at different times, via email and phone calls.

16. Is my information erased after the renewal and I should upload them again?

No, your information will not be deleted and you will not need to upload them. You will only be temporarily prevented from displaying your site and after a month your service will be snapped without prior notice, in a case of late payment and renewal.

17 - What is FTP Account?

To transfer files from the computer to the server, you need at least one FTP account to communicate. It allows you to access directories, read/write files, and more.

18 - What does uploading file means?

Once the site is designed, you will need to upload your files using FTP on the server.

19. How much space do I need for web hosting and bandwidth for a month?

This depends on different factors. Since the amount of bandwidth and web space has a direct impact on web hosting pricing, this requires a more detailed examination of how you can determine the amount of space and bandwidth.

1 – The created email with the desired volume it has not reached the ceiling but it will be disabled, why?

Hosting space is assigned to each site which provides all services and when making email address you are allowed to set the ceiling without regard to site restrictions, but if the capacity of hosting site is finished immediately all the boxes for receiving email will be deactivated. By entering the administrator, you can consume the remaining amount of space.

2 - Can the email services be upgraded after purchasing?

Yes, this facility is provided online.

3 – In what way we can have access to the site’s email?

For Linux servers its and for Windows servers its  After entering the domains in these pages the username and password will be redirected.

04 - What is an Email Auto Responder?

Its automatic answering to incoming emails, you can prepare a text so that whenever you receive an email, that text is sent as an interim response to the sender of the email.

05 - How can I see my incoming email?

Through the dedicated email control panel that we have provided or with programs like Outlook and Netscape Navigator and etc.

06 - Can I, myself create emails?

Yes, you can create, delete, change passwords and define the amount space of email through your dedicated hosting control panel.

07 - What is Email Forwarding?

If you are using email from other servers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook etc  you can send your incoming email automatically through them.

08 - What is Email Alias?

Those emails which are defined virtually and sending an email to those is not possible is called Email Alias. For example, if you plan to create an Email as Pouya, since the sender can make spelling mistakes (that is, instead of posting to Pouya you post to Poya or Puya) you can define an alias for any email that you can send by mistake.

09 - I use Email Forwarding; all received mails are immediately forwarded to the destination email. Is there any way to leave a copy of the referenced letters?

Yes, to leave a copy of the letters in your inbox, enter the dot and comma (,.) Characters in the email forwarding section of the destination email.

01 - What is the difference between windows and Linux server?

Windows is a commercial operating system which is developed and sold by Microsoft Company. Windows Server has different versions, each with different charges per month depending on the features and services that the server provides. Using Windows is not free. Windows servers have their web server called IIS. Windows servers are mostly used by people who use ASP or .NET programming, but also support the sites that are designed with PHP.

Linux is an open source operating system. And it’s available as a free operating system. Of course, commercial versions of Linux are also available. Linux servers have Linux operating system and Apache web server. These servers support only PHP and PERL languages.

In terms of security, Linux servers have much higher degree of security in terms of configuration and structure, but ultimately, this is the designed for your site that needs to go after on their needs.

02 - What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a computer with a higher hardware level, in which the user can place their site in it and use all the advantage of high bandwidth, hardware and security.

01 - What is a Reseller?

This service is the web hosting reseller. By providing this control panel, you can create a space and an account for your customers and have a sale branch of your own and can earn profit.

02 - What is the most commonly reseller hosting service used by users?

This service is mostly used for users of web hosts seller or web designers who ever need web space for their customers. The agent can divide this space among many users and add the facilities to each added domain which is needed and limit the use of space and facilities to users.

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