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“Yours Host” (www.Yours-host.com) to provide customer satisfaction and in the coverage of services in the country attempting to gain the cooperation of companies and agents are active in provincial capitals and the city.

Privacy and organizational requirements “Yours Host” is the first of its rights of clients, representing companies with headquarters Charter as “Yours Host” is. Coverage of services by representatives of deployment and support of flawless performance products by headquarters “Yours Host” in the form of e-services, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

“Yours Host” (www.Yours-host.com) in order to develop the market and use of existing capacity, but hidden from view “Yours Host”, of all companies, institutions and centers active in the field of IT service who are willing to work with the “Yours Host” are, in the form of reseller and service after the sale or invites authorized sales agent. If you like, be sure to fill out the form below and after the initial study is a call for action.


  • Fill out all required forms are options.
  • Please type the information English otherwise your application will not be given effect.
  • Simply complete this form, any Bank’s commitment to “Yours Host” will be created.

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