Rules and Regulations

The stability of the service is one of the most important parameters of a web hosting provider. The quality of service provided stability in the absence of clear rules that protect the interests of all users of the service would not be possible. “Yours Host” ( terms and conditions governing the services to be fully prepared, follow these rules guarantee continued quality service will be in the “Yours Host”. This text is strongly recommended to be read and know your duty and rights.

Attention: Using of the service constitutes means acceptance of rules, regulations and the right to protest will be denied from you. So, Please Read the Patiently.

Chapter 1 - Definitions and Terminology

From now on, the following definitions will be using the following titles in different texts and information service recipient will be subjected to the following content:

  • User: a person who buys and pays the service payment
  • Service: all the service given by “Yours Host” ( is called service
  • User portal: is the website with ( address which has user account and via it you can manage your service list (View, renew, upgrade, transfer, etc) and the user description is registered in this section and user can edit them. As well as all users’ emails (sent and received tickets) and electronic correspondence with each of the parties are recorded and can be followed via Ticket Number.
  • Tariffs: complete list of services offered along with the features, limitations and prices so that the user is fully aware.
  • Spam: Send email individual or group without the recipient get success to receive it.
  • SpamCop: identifying and dealing with spam web site
  • Data Center, or IDC: Internet data center services (Internet Data Center) servers “Yours Host” where they are held.
  • Giving service: providing user name or password from the service which you have bought or doing the other service via the contract or receipt between user and “Yours Host”
  • Site visitors: all the visitors from all around the world visiting the site.
  • RAM content: the space of usage from server’s main memory which gives service to users checking the application the user have given and applying the dynamic code of that site to all the capability of the sever in percentage at the time when the user is visiting the site.
  • Consumer space or Disk Space: the amount of space to store all user files, including web, email, database and reports (Logs), is used by a Web site.
  • Broadband or Band Width: the exchange of information between users and the Web Server to display a website (in megabits per second). As well as the exchange of information between the two servers if this information for the purpose of providing service to its users Web site
  • Traffic or Data Transfer: Your website every month is allowed to use a maximum value of network traffic. Send and receive traffic of the site is achieved.
  • Increase in Server: General availability server on the Internet at least in the second part of the world. Depending on the various services located on a server should said the following tests is positive
    • Web server: Ping a server on port 80 through the public response server or Telnet
    • E-Mail Server: Ping a server on port 25 or 110 public response server or via Telnet
    • Data Server: Server response on port MS SQL Server or My SQL Server
  • Uptime: The amount of time that all service providers to websites on the Internet are high in total contract period of service, if the website or certain services due to non-compliance with the provisions of this Agreement shall be suspended at this time cannot be calculated.
  • RAID: a way to virtualizes multiple disk drives to one or more arrays and according to the type of RAID, can be data security, increased performance, or a combination of the two
  • Operating system: In dynamic websites to get the web application features, select the host and operating system depends on the programming language. PHP language operating systems such as Linux and Unix Based .NET Windows operating system needs
  • Park domain: domain that refers to the primary domain of a website and its content site displays.
  • FTP: A protocol to transfer files between two computers. To transfer files between the PC and the host, need to build account of this type.
  • IMAP Access: is a new web service protocols fund new e-mail and Web sites with the ability to use and display video and audio files
  • POP3 Access: One of the most important e-mail services is used to receive and edit e-mail.
  • SMTP Access: One of the protocols TCP / IP to send and receive e-mail. This protocol due to limitations in storing the mail, POP3 and IMAP protocols commonly used.
  • URL Rewrite: Internet users may visit the site each day, a large number of these sites have web address (URL). Most users prefer the URLs to be more understandable, simple and easy so it can be remember easily.
  • Encrypts folders: In Linux, you can encrypt folders and unauthorized access to revoked them
  • Sub Domain: a sub-domain is a domain that is part of a larger domain. In other words, the name that is placed before the main Domain Name. And are separated by dots. For example Sub is a sub domain of the domain
  • Exclusive DNS: DNS, is a specification that connects Domain. If enabled, proprietary DNS, you’ll have yourself a specific DNS.
  • Speed internet (at least): quickly access your site on the Internet may vary in rush hour traffic and less traffic, but you will always have this amount of speed.
  • Continuous monitoring: Ping is continuously checked by “Yours Host” supporter for possible deterministic, attacks and access to unauthorized host server will be at minimum level.
  • Ability to upgrade to a high package: when your limited traffic will get finished  and you need more facilities and source you can upgrade your package by paying online.

Chapter 2 - Identity

“Yours Host” ( identity: giving full service by internet, online under web which is under (, this contract is called “Yours Host”.

  • User identity: user is a person legal or real user whose identity is in user portal or data information and the buying service will be under user management.
  • Legal user: legal user is a person whose identity is saved in user portal and is kept in data information and his/her buying service is been managed via user account.
  • Real user: about the real user, an authorized representative of the employer was introduced in Portal and this representative has all the real rights like real person to provided service and all the stamps and signature are accepted under his/her rights. All the duties in future is accepted by his/her written sign and if it’s not written all the rights will be under “Yours Host” right and the user does not have any responsibilities for the right of the site.
  • Qualifications: To protect the legal rights of users, all users are obliged to provide correct identifying information including copy of birth certificate, National ID Card Copy and approval landline numbers for natural persons and legal persons request with a copy of the Official newspaper last change in “Yours Host”. If “Yours Host”, When you complete the purchase process and to facilitate and expedite action to get control of these documents, then “yours host” has the legal right to take these certificate, if the certification is not given at time to “yours host” the property right will be cancelled and the wrong identity given the user will be directly responsible. “Yours Host” is not responsible for your signature and identity.
  • Reality of certification: By default, the user confirms that all identifying information provided and the addresses and contact numbers etc is accurate and always keep them updated on the portal strives of users. “Yours Host” has the right to take the certification stamped by judiciary from the user whenever they want. “Yours Host” has the right to complete the correct information and then act to give the service.
  • Ownership: Service ownership and all rights and responsibilities associated with it, the responsibility of each user or user agent alone. Also, if the user requests and in order to reduce costs or improve the quality of maintenance and renewal, rather than the user’s profile, the identity of the registering company will be registered in the identity of “yours host” ( and all the responsibility of rights and legal is on the user.
  • Residence: User is obliged if his place of residence is changed, he/she should notify the other party in writing. Otherwise excuse a lack of knowledge of the content of announcements, correspondence or warning, is not defensible.

Chapter 3 - Communicating parties with each other

  • Reliable communication method in “Yours Host” with the user, will be from the user’s email address and reply to tickets via the support portal account at the portal registered users.
  • User reliable method of communication with the “Yours Host”, will be recorded with the support portal tickets in the ticket tracking number or send and receive a written receipt in “Yours Host”.
  • “Yours Host” will not have any responsibility in Consequences and damages of the user who changed their contact information and not giving them to “Yours Host”.

Chapter 4 - Changes

Changing of laws:

  • Rules in “Yours Host” in accordance with and subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the international rules governing the services provided by “Yours Host” and the laws in the world are online and may change monthly.
  • “Yours Host” has the right to add, delete or change at any time without informing the user.
  • Edition rules cited in this latest version of the page will be under “Rules and Terms of Service” on the Web site of “Yours Host” (
  • “Yours Host” don’t have any responsibility to inform the change occurred in the site, and the user has the duty to read the changing rules and the user is responsible for


Changing of tariffs:

  • In the case of tariff changes while using the service, the user might want to upgrade your current service which will be obliged to comply with the new prices.
  • The cost of expert technicians or other services when purchased using a basic service is required, the user is subject to give request on the tariff.
  • Improvements in service from service hosting to a higher is done and the service is equals to two service and in the remaining days it will be servicing and automatically be counted by user portal
  • Service of user, will be reduced only at the beginning of a new era and ask the user if the resources used by him is in accordance with the hosting package.
  • The tariff changes is reflected via “Yours Host” ( web sites and the user should obey the rules otherwise the deadline for invoice that you have been issued for him will change the tariff.

Technical changes:

  • For any emergency purpose “Yours Host” ( has the right to make technical, hardware, software, or network services rendered changes. About changes that affect user “Yours Host” gives the service  it is required to inform the changes from one month to one day before, through the web site of “yours host” in user portal or portal support or send newsletters to your email address and the user should adapt these changes.
  • If necessary because, “Yours Host” ( awareness lose and technical emergencies obliged him to make it his responsibility to inform when and how it will not change in the meantime, users to “host” law allows the time required to improve the quality of services, hardware and software to perform activities on the dedicated servers and hosted services.


Ownership changes

  • Ownership change will occur if the user, receptionist gives a written receipt or send an email with an e-mail saved in user’s account in user portal.
  • “Yours Host” ( holds all the certificate of the changing owner to keep the identity for saving the security service.
  • “Yours Host” can stop changing the ownership of service until it did not find any doubtful matter.

Chapter 5 - Delivery Service

Method of Giving service:

  • After paying the payment and ready to buy the service, we will let the user know from the e-mail saved in user portal or a paper where the giving service is noticed. If the user can’t get access to the email, this does not mean not getting the service.
  • If the user did not the email at the “receiving time”, he/she should contact the selling service after two days of the given date.
  • If special technical condition occur or limiting time is not done, user can double speed up the order time with the user’s agreement.
  • User cannot deny the buying service or not received the service after ending the double time speed up. If the receiving date is for 7 days, user cannot dissuade and take back the payment for 14 days.
  • “Yours Host don’t have any responsibility for buying and not using the service.
  • The related service which is with other person with the registered or extension of domain in “Yours Host”, at the time of receipt payment is will seem to be received.


Maximum delivery time:

  • The maximum delivery time for “Yours Host” thanks to the general country situation and imaging the worst condition is as follows:
    • Hosting service: immediately and online ( if technical problem occurs until two working days)
    • Representative service: one work day
    • Service of Registering world domain: immediately and online ( if technical problem occurs until two working days)
    • Service of registering national domain: immediately and online ( if technical problem occurs until one working day)
    • Dedicated server: 7 working days
  • If you do not fulfill the order within a maximum time defined, user should give a written paper with signing the bellow to selling section of “Yours Host” (www.“Yours-Host”.com) and receive sending receipt.
  • After registering the domain and giving the username and password of control panel to user, “Yours Host” does not have any responsibility to that domain.
  • About .ir domain which is Approve and activate for the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, since “Yours Host” don’t have any control at registering time of domain, and even Due to defects in the documents and specifications it may take time to verify domain, so the booking time will be the time of receiving,


Complying with the order:

  • If there is any conflict with the service offered to the User Profile Service, the User is obliged within one week from date of invoice to the “Yours Host” declare.
  • “Yours Host” Is required to declare the amendment as soon as possible, Otherwise responsibility for the “Yours Host” merely limited to the terms of service of the declaration at the end user and only at the time ending service and time of service will not increase.

Chapter 6 - Secure and Security

  • In general the Internet as well as other communication environments, such as mail, fax and phone to transfer confidential data is secure. In all these environments information may be intercepted. So while the “Yours Host” ( all their efforts to create a secure environment for the storage and exchange of information are confidential, however cautious users will always Communications online and assume their unsecured. “Yours Host” has no responsibility in connection with the exchange of information security and a network server does not accept this situation.
  • “Yours Host” with their security measures does not have any responsible for maintaining the security of our service base.
  • “Yours Host” does not have any responsibility for transferring data between user and server.
  • “Yours Host” does not have any responsibility for the password of user service in the third person’s hand.
  • “Yours Host” have to secure all the data and software in the user server and they will not give them to a third person.
  • “Yours Host” try all  Their efforts to achieve the highest level of security possible for users to do online account The “Yours Host” to matters that are within the responsibility of the user in terms of maintenance is not responsible for the security of your account.

Chapter 7 - Special Rules Slopes

  • “Yours Host” ( is committed to that domain name for free if the user has chosen the Internet and a fee determined register.
  • Documented history for Domain Registration, Who is international and registrar of domain names .ir inquiries from will be documented.
  • Any consequences resulting from improper name, such as the name of the selected interference with other companies and institutions, as well as the user’s name unethical and illegal. After domain registration for users the scope for usage and content site no responsibility to “yours host” will not be.
  • If user customization, which is the domain registrar reference, it does not record or during completion of registration, the domain has been registered by someone else or transfer the domain to “yours host” who for whatever reason do not , “yours host” is only obliged to refund the registration or transfer of the domain user account on the portal users.
    Understand the “yours host” will not.
  • Iranian authorities have blocked the vote or act of international law.
  • “yours host” is committed to the legal and real property owned by the user’s domain.
  • No, please carefully choose and register, otherwise have to pay a separate fee to register your domain other.
  • Because payments in dollars and Euros from the “yours host” for domain registration. After the order, not the user for any reason, payments to foreign parties in any way or return is not revocable.
  • In the event of a request to transfer a domain control panel out of the “yours host” of the users through the portal, “yours host” does not have the right to prevent the completion of the transition. But “your host” reserves the right to security reasons and to maintain your user information only through a written request to be performed and documented and coordinated.
  • Is committed to protecting user security information from all your domain control panel citizens. If the username and password in any way none adhered to “yours host” will not have any responsibility in this regard rests.
  • The user is responsible for having a domain, DNS domain or domains on the server “yours host” and set the control panel to “yours host” transfer and to transfer at least one year amount to pay renewal which obviously will be added for domain credentials.
  • After expiry of the validity date automatically becomes unavailable, it should be noted for renewal, the user will have to pay at least one month before the date of the extension to complete. Compared to the normal tariff that the fine in accordance with the rules of ICANN and registrar directly on the main user.
  • Damage caused by non-payment or delay in payment of renewal fees, the users, and offer support and bug fixes “yours host” is annulled.
  • Notice “yours host” will not take any responsibility in this matter.

Chapter 8 - Special Rules of Hosting

  • “Yours Host” ( don’t have responsibility for delivering the data in the web hosting space to display to the user and the user will be obliged to use FTP.
  • “Yours Host” will not have responsibility of the user to upload information or download information Upload in the hosting space is for free.
  • “Yours Host” don’t have any responsibility for freely installation of the software to users.
  • “Yours Host” don’t have any responsibility in liability for the extended range of up to 15 days before the expiry, and will not be extended not serviced properly.
  • “Yours Host” ( will try its best and hast responsibility in introducing its user with technical information and “yours host” don’t have any responsibility to teach its user how to use the server correctly.

Chapter 9 - Special Rules Renting a Dedicated Server

  • “Yours Host” ( are not responsible for technical support dedicated server to the user and the user is obliged to use the method of communication will be remote or Remote the user will be charged.
  • “Yours Host” is just responsible when the user don’t have access to the server and the problem has occurred but if the problem is of user mistake according to IDC and service support cost factors “Server Management” of the user will be charged.
  • The owner of dedicated server hardware, “Yours Host” and pay rent server causes cannot be right for the user.
  • In the event of a hardware problem that caused a lack of access to the server, the user has to confirm to the support “Yours Host” and “yours host” the notice required to replace the faulty hardware within 7 working days and for free.

Chapter 10 - Other Rules

  • Services that the user is required to “Yours Host” are extended to the extended control and extend far applied in case of failure by “Yours Host” (, maximum 7 calendar days after the Expiry time shall send written complaints to the authorities or units.
  • Special agreement only in writing and with the stamp and signature of authorized “Yours Host” ( will be valid for written or oral agreements with staff or any other form of void.
  • User is obliged to deliver, adapt and control the proper implementation of the purchased service.
  • “Yours Host” no responsibility to obtain the information from lost or deleted from the servers will be hosted after the completion of the contract his responsibility for the “Yours Host” will not make.
  • Responsibility of the expiration time service and control over the user’s responsibility but the “Yours Host”, one month before the expiry of the service user by e-mail, he recalls a nd lack of access to their portal or e-mail users, responsible for the “Yours Host” will not make.
  • Credit conditions and the payment service user account list, he is in the user portal, he can always to learn the status of their performance through ID and password refer to it.
  • The duration of service interruption due to non-payment of receivables “Yours Host” (, investigate crimes and acts of the expert’s diagnosis is not added to the time of service.
  • The possibility of receiving any gift service predicted in some hosting packages only when the purchase is closed and the term of the contract, there is no possibility of recourse to it and if you do not use it charge the user’s account will not be paid.

Chapter 11 - Backup

  • Responsible for backing up your data and files with users and all users and representatives should backup all your data somewhere other than the equipment and servers needed “Yours Host” ( maintenance. In case of any problem and the inability to restore data from backup archive will be heard no objections and “Yours Host” in this context is owned.
  • Dedicated Server services solely responsible for backing up the user’s own responsibility and “Yours Host” in this context is owned.
  • “Yours Host” for security, weekly backup of all the files the user. The backup will be stored for up to a week. Backup of the database can be used on a daily basis and will be kept for a week. “Yours Host” of the health and proper function of this version is no liability.
  • All local backup copies on external user access is maintained.
  • “Yours Host” commitment to provide free data contained in their archives users.
  • Restore Backup costs due to negligence in maintaining user data per gigabyte backup zip file size will be 2.5 Euro.
  • “Yours Host” ( liable for the accuracy of backup and update them.

Chapter 12 - Financial Terms and Conditions

  • Payment is included in the Portal. In general, the user is required to maintain records of your payment until the end of service.
  • User is obliged to make the payment in cash or in cash accounts with the portal’s users. While the “Yours Host” ( in order to assist the user to accept the Czech term for his invoice, the non-receipt of payment Czech, the user is required to immediately act on the day of maturity of the deposit Czech carcasses declared their accounts and receive otherwise, the cost of delays in the receipt of documents, legal proceedings, transportation and other items also will be the responsibility of the user also in this case, “Yours Host” has the right.
  • Due to the limited maintenance of accounting data, bank draft or money order to increase the credibility or payment of an invoice, only up to 6 months after the deposit feature will be used.
  • “Yours Host” (, the supply and receipt of all claims and fines, late payment interest and other costs of the temporary or permanent cessation of all services and user credentials to his will and if the user immediately to confirm the warning by the “Yours Host” ( does not matter right next to disclaims any objection should be noted for the definitive service for non-payment of receivables “Yours Host” will not be added to longevity and all liability arising from this type of service interruption is the responsibility of the user.
  • If the “Yours Host” ( recognize any of the services or goods bought by a user at the time of delivery, with greater volume and better facilities or a longer time or any users receive it, pay the cost for the user is mandatory, and “Yours Host” ( advocated the right to demand from the user will be how to get the debt.
  • “Yours Host” ( to expand services and enhance services to their users in different time to publish and distribute the buy coupons. It should be noted that the “yours host” in accepting or not accepting this range of discount coupons and special occasions are autonomous.
  • To purchase a hosted service or a bundle there is the possibility of accepting more than one coupon.
  • None of allowances and additional service packs convertible into monetary value and cannot be deducted from the invoice.
  • If the bill web hosting services, user services owed for one month and comes just suspended after one month in the case of non-payment of bills and information relevant for all files will be deleted.

Terms of returning the money

All shared web hosting services “Yours Host” ( have a 30 day money back guarantee. None of the other services provided by the “Yours Host” has been a money back guarantee and return receipts for this service will not be in any way possible.

Services that do not have a money back guarantee are:

  • All costs related to domain services (including registration, transfer and renewal).
  • Dedicated Hosting services and equipment and related ancillary services (such as firewall, monitoring, server management, etc.).
  • Dedicated hosting service.
  • Money back guarantee is offered only in the first week of the new service. Extend or improve any service not covered by the guarantee money back.
  • After the end of money back guarantee, no request to be heard on money back.
  • Back to give up on request (not disapproval) of the service in the first week of service, fees and taxes will be deducted from the amount of service.
  • In the absence of quality full refund will be returned if the user’s personal opinion, 40% of the amount deducted.
  • Money back with a written request from the user and confirm with the user’s name and account number through the user portal “Yours Host” can be performed.

Chapter 13 - Expiration and Renewal Services

A service renewal date expired, since the previous expiry date will be 10% after 7 days in the event of non-payment of invoices as well as late fees will be added to invoice “Yours Host” ( ) is responsible for the maintenance and provision of information and user data will be after the expiration date.

Chapter 14 - Range of Used Sources

Groups using the resources of CPU, Disk Space, Traffic Data Transfer, Ram and…

  • “Yours Host” ( in their tariff or specify these cases and limits on the use of resources services “Yours Host” is inserted in tariffs for public services.
  • But the bellow rules should be considered:
    • Maximum CPU in a shared hosting is 1% in the period 1 minute
    • Maximum Ram in shared hosting 30 MB
    • Data Transfer maximum allowed by the specifications set forth in tariff
    • Maximum Disk Space authorized in accordance with the specifications set forth in tariff
    • Maximum Bandwidth moment shared hosting 512 Kbps
  • Criteria for recognition, reporting data centers, control software and technical unit “Yours Host” will be.
  • “Yours Host” ( if you exceed the limits specified user service resources, the right to disconnect service without notice to determine the situation will be far to notify users. In this case, the “Yours Host” after upgrading service or consumption by user, action will be to provide the service.
  • If you are using some of the resources that are measurable service standards exceed the discretion of the technical department, “Yours Host” ( the right to cut off service to determine what is new.
  • Lack of permanent fix problems that cause excessive use of resources the user is deemed a violation of the Terms of Service and his service will be terminated.
  • Automatic script feeds, social networks, online chat, online gaming, music and movies online is prohibited.
  • If the user Leach script is used or purchased or downloaded as a Platform in the first notice of one month to ten times the bandwidth space will be reduced and your service will be required to pay a fine equal to one month. If the second broadband service reduced the amount of space you have purchased fifteen times and for each GB of traffic until the end of the service must pay the amount of 2.5 Euro.

Chapter 15 - User Responsibility

  • The User agrees that the terms “Yours Host” ( and the Islamic Republic of Iran to comply or the remaining days of service or damages to the offending user, will not be paid.
  • Users are responsible for their performance in relation to the services provided to the rights of other users also have “Yours Host” ( respect. “Yours Host” the right to suspend or permanently discontinue service for users who are intentionally or unintentionally disrupt service for other users reserves. The user will have no right to protest.
  • Other provision of the legislation in place and the user is always obliged to observe the general rules and legal “Yours Host” ( will be.
  • All responsibilities for improper use of the purchased service user and the “Yours Host” is only responsible for providing standard service based on technical commitments announced in its hosting packages.
  • User accepts full responsibility for any information, files, images and other things that are within your site, the user is and no responsibility in this matter notice “Yours Host” is not.
  • Responsibility for maintenance of information dedicated to users to customize user is responsible for disseminating information to the user and other people, “Yours Host” does not imply any responsibility for the problems.
  • The user undertakes to information dedicated to their own without coordination with “Yours Host”, not transferred to another person.
  • The user undertakes to create a nuisance to other Internet users, attempting to manipulate and influence to other sites, any illegal use of their email and other similar cases avoids.

Chapter 16 - Warranty and Support

  • “Yours Host” ( of 7 calendar days from the time of purchase has unconditional money back guarantee is only for your web hosting service. And hence after this time, the warranty does not apply to user hosting service.
  • “Yours Host” has the sole responsibility of service in the field of purchase. The disorders and other items such as the user’s Internet connection and web application programming and problem domain that is registered with the others liable “Yours Host” (
  • There is evidence disruption in service, technical reports and a valid Tracer site to be determined by “Yours Host” ( has been approved.
  • Time user service disruption in the event of a disruption He said a written request and approval of the technical unit if the period from the beginning of the period is more than 1% added for service.
  • Provide support in the “Yours Host” ( for 365/7/24 support and are based portal. In addition to the requests made by email, or phone will also be dealt with.
  • How the user documentation for requests for warranty and support must submit a request via the support portal whose exact time, the exact time deal and buy identity is known.
  • Dissatisfaction with the service and technical support should be quickly (within 24 hours) since the Complaints Unit via the support portal to be announced.
  • Public service and procedures “Yours Host” based on international technical standards and materials “Yours Host” inseparable defined for a specific user and user is obliged to check and change your need to buy is taken from service.
  • “Yours Host” liability mismatch purchased service the needs of users.
  • “Yours Host” for the installation and operation of software that is not approved by the technical department responsible.
  • The responsibility for the “Yours Host” ( in front of adverse events and indirect damage on the user’s use of the Service or User limited to damages clause of the law.
  • Ability to install and change the version, none of the software, tools and packages based on user requests and on a shared hosting service does not exist.
  • “Yours Host” their efforts to guide the user in charge of technical issues, but the user is familiar with the technical data hosting and “yours host” is responsible for teaching the correct operation of the service.

Chapter 17 - The Activities of Non-Authorized Users

Violation of any of the conditions listed below will result in suspension of service. “Yours Host” is the only detector violation of the terms. “Yours Host” ( the right to discontinue service without any prior warning or avoidance of service for reserves. After completing the review of “Yours Host” ( depending on the type of violation is allowed to restrict, suspend or discontinue the offending service will be also “Yours Host” if necessary also reserves the right to prosecute offenders is. “Yours Host” ( any violation of the Terms of Service under any user fee as such claims or expenses will be paid the remaining term of service. The offending user liable for damages will be to “Yours Host”.

Below is a list of unauthorized activities, this list is only a sample and would not be limited to this list:

  • The use of software without respecting intellectual property rights, known as domestic and international Copy Right.
  • Install or use an application that could impair the performance of the server.
  • Write or run executable files with extensions such as, but not limited to files (exe, com, bat, vbs), etc., and also in the presence of these files can be deleted without warning the user space and with users according to the law.
  • The user is allowed to use malicious code such as viruses or source that does not pollute the security of the server is up or down.
  • Use of poorly written applications that leverage other services and other services “Yours Host” and the other users.
  • There are files containing the virus deliberately or inadvertently purchased the service space.
  • Spam (Spam) intentionally or inadvertently (Criterion, Report or similar sites, data center server location or check the technical team of “Yours Host”) even if the third-party service providers is used in Mail.
  • Send e-mail as a group and high (up to 1,000 emails per day and 20 to 10 minutes are allowed provided that all email recipients, they received e-mails from the user’s request (OPTION) and address and explaining how to unsubscribe ( Unsubscribe link) email text exist in English.
  • Technical Report “Yours Host” or IDC server hosting is the proportion of acts contrary to the law “Yours Host”.
  • Failure to observe the law of computer crime Islamic Republic of Iran (Full text list of computer crimes act extensive criminal content tabs in Article 21).
  • Carrying out activities that in any way disrupt the provision of services “Yours Host” to the user or other users.
  • Use the Service to disrupt or penetrate the systems of third parties.
  • Non-compliance within the resources allocated in each service.
  • Launch Mail Server Open Relay
  • IRC activities
  • Sharing P2P networks
  • Non-compliance within the resources allocated in each service.
  • To disrupt system or network security, in the event of such issues “Yours Host” the right to prosecute the offender complaints to the legal authorities guarantees. Examples of system or network security disorder include the following:
    • Unauthorized access to or use of the data system or network
    • Any effort to search, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network
    • Intervention services to any user, host or network
    • Trying to access e-mail information
    • Deliberate attempts to fill a space system
    • Efforts to change or delete information Web sites without permission from their owners
    • And etc.

Chapter 18 - Content

  • Services “Yours Host” ( should be used for legal purposes. Transmit, store or publish any information or data that is contrary to any applicable law or help directly to a specific violation of the law is prohibited. This can include (but is not limited to the following):
    • Insert any data covered by copyright without permission
    • Unauthorized use of the logo and other trademarks
    • Setting up VPN on the service received from the “Yours Host”
    • Any breach of the Computer Crimes Act Islamic Republic of Iran
    • Insulting to any person, group, organization, city and country folk
    • Publishing false information against others
    • Online fraud and any factor that will lure visitors
    • Active site HYIP or pyramid system.
    • Unauthorized sale or promotion of any goods or services under the existing legislation of the country where the servers are located
    • The linked sites or known supporters of international terrorists
    • Use the service of “Yours Host” for maintenance, post, display, transmit, promote, or any similar act on data related to sexuality in any form
    • Atheistic and anti-Islamic content
    • Insult and satire of the authorities, institutions and government agencies and public
  • Responsibility for the content posted on the service provided to the domain user or connected purchased from the “Yours Host” ( is entirely the responsibility of the user. This responsibility includes violations and mistakes intentionally or items that will be carried out by third parties.
  • In the event of non-compliance of computer crimes act moral and material compensation for all damages and costs and retail Enter the “Yours Host” in responding to the competent authority will be the responsibility of the user.
  • Sites that their contents contrary to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran (selling non-authorized VPN, music, movies, etc.) is not hosting will be blocked without warning.
  • Website “Yours Host” ( has some links to other sites, obviously “Yours Host” liability for the content or the conditions of preservation of information on these sites is not common and to the judicial authorities to take action.
  • “Yours Host” ( is required by law when dealing with criminal cases and proceedings against denial of service and user data that criminal content at your service or in service to your domain is connected to the judicial authorities to take action.

Chapter 19 - Policy

  • “Yours Host” ( regarding the protection of personal information and the right to use and not to third parties or advertising use and only if you receive a warrant from judicial authority requested the information according to the judicial authorities will be legal necessity.
  • Information contained in the Whois domain because of visibility to the public is no exception.

Chapter 20 - Damages and Disclaimer

  • Services “Yours Host” ( are presented in the same way, with no warranty expressed or implied, will not be included. In addition, any such guarantee in accordance with user needs being flawless, non-deterministic, security, etc. is offered. All oral and written guarantees about the service “Yours Host” ( are provided by employees or representatives or others are invalid. “Yours Host” will not pay any compensation for the performance of your service in any way. “Yours Host” Under no circumstances will not be responsible for accidents (such as loss of data on the server).
  • Roof damages proven by reference to the user for each of the types of dispute resolution services at most equal to the cost of its payment service user and the “Yours Host” ( assumes no liability for damage compensation in excess of this amount It will not have.

Chapter 21 - Conditions and Obligations

All service users “Yours Host” ( and all persons providing any of the services after the “Yours Host”, are obliged to observe the full Terms of Service “Yours Host”. The nature of the conditions for ensuring compliance with the rules governing the rights of other Internet users and providers to “Yours Host” their service uses. These conditions are not exhaustive and the “Yours Host” the right to add, delete or modify its provisions at any time and without notice after their publication on the website “Yours Host” ( reserves. Any complaints and report on user violation of these conditions must be made in writing via e-mail to “Yours Host” to be announced.

Chapter 22 - Emergencies

In cases of force majeure and in accordance with the definitions PBO emergencies such as war, general strike, spread of epidemics, earthquakes, floods and outbreaks of unusual, unprecedented drought and widespread wildfires, storms and similar events have in any way caused by service centers and related infrastructure are internet service providers (damage to communication satellites), problems with communication lines, new rules limiting domestic or foreign, state guidelines as well as international sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran that the contractor has no practical authority in case it does, no liability will be the contractor and the employer accepts by signing this contract and any claim it is not in this regard.

Chapter 23 - Admission Rules

  • With a membership site “Yours Host” ( and pay the invoice, the user rules “Yours Host” accepted and there is no need to obtain signatures from the user.
  • The user undertakes accordance with Articles 10 and 190 of the Civil Code and with careful study and full consent and in the perfection of no force and coercion, all rules are accepted.

Chapter 24 - Reference Judge

  • In case of dispute between the parties, to resolve the dispute, users must first announcement of the Public Relations Unit or the Office of Management “Yours Host” was written and acted, so that the issue be addressed.
  • If the agreement was reached in the negotiations within 15 working days, the user can refer to the Disciplinary Council of the Union Council referred the issue to be addressed.
  • User Review the Council adopted a consensual decision and the right to complain or request a warrant will be no other references.

Chapter 25 - Authority

Failure to comply with terms and conditions of the “Yours Host” ( to users or others as a denial of the right to enforce the rules of the “Yours Host” and accept it.

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